Anne Birthistle

Anne Birthistle - Editor

North Vancouver, BC, Canada

I work with writers to bring their work to fruition: from poetry to self-help books - and still hoping to help that great first novelist!

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I have gained expertise in proofing and editing a number of authors' works, and I enjoy perfecting the written word! From Ferdinand Petrov's "The Art of Painting and The Art of Restoration" to cartoonist Graham Harrop's "Here Comes the Sillybus!" all the way to the introspection of Linda H. Olsen's beautiful "Journey Within" poems, I feel I have the ability to enter into the author's world of imagination or practicality and retain their vision as together we prepare their work for publication.
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Humor & Comedy
Humanities & Social Sciences

Work experience

Assistant Editor

Gryndstone and Fusspot Press
October, 2004 – Present (over 16 years)

For a number of years I have helped an award-winning cartoonist prepare his collections for publication, including his wonderful books for children. I have also worked with clients wishing to prepare their own work, from poetry to art books: my favourite part is getting to see the world through others' eyes, and helping them to present their talents in the very best light.

Cartoonist and Proof Reader

Gardens West Magazine
February, 1988 – November, 2000 (over 12 years)

It all started when... I submitted a comic strip idea to a popular gardening magazine, and - though they didn't want that - they DID want someone to create cartoons to go along with their monthly to-do list. I also did a little proofreading for them - it's a good thing I love Latin!, because most of that task involved checking on the root names, so to speak, of every plant their writers would mention....

Portfolio (7 selected works)

Nina's song: A Story by Lori

Fitzgerald, Lori, Knight, Teresa J.

Mother, Mother... may I?: How to Break Free from a Narcissistic Mother

Wagemaker M.Ht.,, Andrea, Wagemaker M.Ht.,, Andrea

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