Allé Smith

Allé Smith - Web Developer

Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Brand Strategist who uses Web Design to Tell People's Story and Reach Targeted Audiences. Fun, Professional, Creative, and a Go-Getter.

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YOUR BRAND = MARKETNG + DESIGN. You can have strong marketing efforts, but without intentional design, you won't be an identity people can relate to. And if you have that identity defined, but don't market yourself, no one will know about you.

I've transformed the impact many different types of companies have had using intentional marketing and design. From working with Whole Foods Market in Chicago to an Italian Culinary Company in Tuscany, Italy - marketing and design have foundational elements that can be applied to any type of company, but your story and mission are what make it unique, stand out and have an impact.

My web design services include a strategy session for art direction; I develop 3 design concepts for you to choose from and build the content off of. We work together to ensure the final design is functional, user-friendly, tells your story and gains leads. I'm always available for updates and questions along and after the process. I've always said that a website is like your storefront online - there are a lot of necessary details to put in place for it to be successful, but its worth the intentional work!

All my websites are:
- Responsive
- Mobile-friendly
- Search Engine Optimized
- Designed for Lead Generation

For basic websites, the process from start to completion typically takes 2 months. We develop the brand strategy, collect marketing content, critique the design, and then there are technical web development things that need to be implemented on my part to ensure your website is searchable on the internet.

Let me take your concept and make it marketable, profitable, and impactful as you take your journey to your destiny!
Biographies & Memoirs
Health & wellbeing
Cultural & Ethnic Themes
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  • Professional in Content Marketing by the AMA
  • Google Analytics by Google
  • Growth-Driven Design by HubSpot Academy
  • Inbound Marketing by HubSpot Academy

Work experience

Web Designer

January, 2014 – Present (over 5 years)

Web Designer who focuses on Brand Strategy to make companies marketable, scalable and long-lasting.


E-commerce Website for the Non-Profit Organization We Fight for Bubba

Designed an e-commerce website for a non-profit organization so they can collect donations from their website. Worked on their brand strategy through images and web content. In their first 2 months of using the website, they have raised over $40,000.00 in fundraising efforts.

Website for Holmes Grown Microgreens, Holland, MI

This new company needed a website to reach targeted audiences. In less than 4 months after launching the website, they have gained one of the biggest companies in Grand Rapids, MI as a client and is now needing to build a greenhouse to fit their demand.

I worked on her Branding strategy with images and typography.

Website for Live Event Painter, P-Ferg Paint, in Chicago

This Chicago based company went from having no website or social media followers to being #1 online to thousands of followers in less than 2 years. It is now a highly in-demand entertainment company because of Opened World's website and social media optimization.

E-Commerce Website for the Bella Mia Bed and Breakfast, Spring Lake, MI

This e-commerce website was built for a bed and breakfast that is now nationally and internationally recognized after launching the website just 2 years ago. We worked on the brand strategy through intentional images/photography, color palettes and typography.

Website for Italian Culinary Tour Company

This Italian Culinary Tour company lacked a professional website to gain leads online. Opened World Design created a Responsive, Mobile-friendly and Search Engine Optimized website that's designed for international Lead Generation. Sales, Email Subscribers and Social Media Followers have significantly gone up, making this company now a professional and sought after brand.

We worked on the Brand Strategy and creating Print Material that matched the new branding and marketing strategies for in-person opportunities.

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