Aaron Yeagle

Aaron Yeagle - Web Developer

Tucson, AZ, USA

From web design and digital marketing services to book covers and interior layout I have all the skills you need to create and amazing book.

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With a 20-year history in music marketing (MCA Universal, Welk Music, Vanguard Records) and 15 more years as a full-time internet consultant I primarily work with international speakers, coaches, storytellers. My true passion though, is books, stories, and authors. I get a kick helping authors develop their brand, their identity, and their "author platform." I've even built a book review website just so I can promote the books and authors I've enjoyed.
Action & Adventure
LGBTQ (Fiction)
Mystery & Crime
Science Fiction
Thriller & Suspense
Business & Management
Self-help & Self-improvement
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January, 2004 – Present (almost 16 years)


Jackie Woodisde - Calming the Chaos

Jackie Woodside's best-selling second book, Calming the Chaos: A Soulful Guide to Managing Your Energy Rather than Your Time, was due for a book funnel approach and that's what we've done! After the first 2 successful years, a book funnel is a perfect way to continue sales and market relevance.

A "book funnel" is a process of creating massive exposure by offering your print book (though we can use a digital product) as a "FREE Plus" program. Get the book free plus shipping and handling. But it doesn't end there! After entering their information, the purchaser is sent immediately to another add-on product and, depending on the response is sent to an upsell or a downsell.

A book funnel works best with self-help/motivational, and spiritual development non-fiction books attached to an online course or coaching program. It's especially beneficial for speakers and coaches seeking to massively increase their mailing list AND their income.

Elements of this project:
Website design
Graphic design
Shopping cart integrations
Email/autoresponder integrations
Digital marketing

Judy Nedry

I have worked with Judy Nedry since she asked me to help her live out her dream of "becoming an author" way back in 2006! I designed her first website then to tie in with her first book, An Unholy Alliance. She's on her 4th book now with a fifth on the way and I not only take care of her website but now her book design as well! This year I also made a fantastic (if I may say so myself) book trailer.

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